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I would like to give special thanks to all the following people who, without them, this project would not have been possible.

  • Thank you to all the people who donated musical instruments.
  • Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation helped find some of the schools that were in need to donate to in New Orleans, ie. KIPP Believe College Prep, Gretna Middle School, and Crocker Arts & Technology.
  • Ardsley Music for donating 10 violins and repairing and cleaning instruments at a lower cost.
  • Virgil Scott, for repairing many instruments in 2008, at no cost.
  • Hoffman Music in Thibodaux, Louisiana for making repairs at a lower cost prior to donating instruments to KIPP Believe College Prep and Gretna Middle School.
  • Mr. Salvatore Iaropoli, my first trumpet teacher who inspired to me to love playing the trumpet. He checked many trumpets, clarinets and some trombones.
  • Mr. Ed Palermo, my jazz ensemble instructor at Hoff- Barthelson School of Music who checked all the saxophones and clarinets and guitars.
  • Mr. James Hamlin, my trumpet instructor for many years who has checked many of the trumpets.
  • Mrs. Carol Eminizer, Concord Road, Elementary School Band Teacher, checked flutes.
  • Mr. Uttley, Ardsley Middle School Band teacher checked some clarinets, trombones and drums.
  • Mr. Goidel , Ardsley High School Band Teacher checked a trombone.
  • Mrs. Janet Arms , flute teacher checked many of the flutes.
  • And a BIG THANK YOU TO HOFF-BARTHELSON MUSIC SCHOOL for donating instruments to my project as well as many boxes of music.

*Each instrument that was donated was checked by one of the teachers listed above and was then cleaned and repaired prior to being donated to a school.


The music is being performed by the KIPP Believe Symphonic Band at the donation ceremony in New Orleans on 4/30/09
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If you would like to give a special gift to someone for a holiday or birthday, you can donate in someone’s name and we will send them a card acknowledging this.

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