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15 Violins, 13 Trumpets, 14 Clarinets, 11 flutes, 7 Guitars, 6 electric guitars, 4 Alto Saxophones, 3 Trombones, 2 Full Size Drum Sets (1 First Act Drum Set with wire brushes and drum sticks and 1 Pearl Drum Set), 2 Coronets, 1 Small Electric Organ with stand, bench and music, 1 Story & Clark Piano, 1 Baritone Saxophone,1 Viola 1 Cello, 1 Bass Drum, 1 Baritone, 1 French Horn, 1 Set of Bongo Drums, 35 recorders, 22 Harmonicas, 8 Boomwackers, 7 Note Bell Set with Case, 4 Tambourines, 4 Hohner Castanets, 4 Maracas, 4 Triangles & Strikers, Rhythm Band Bells, 4 Tambourines, 2 Xylophones, 2 Cymbals, 2 Wood blocks, 2 Sand Blocks, 2 Bar Chimes, 3 Sets of Rhythm Band Bells, 1 Cowbell, Egg Shakers, Wire Brushes, “Sweet Pipes Handbell Melody Cards”, Music Resource Information: “Sound Ideas Activities For the Percussion Circle”, Music Flash Cards, Wide Staff Manuscript paper and other resource material, 5 7C Blessing trumpet mouth pieces, 1 Casio small size keyboard, 1 Stereo Bass Boost System, 1 Glockenspiel, 1 Chimalong, 1 Rollin’ Piano for age 7 and up, 1 Musopoly Game, 1 Music Activity book, 1 Music Appreciation Book by Roger Kamien, Acoustic Equipment including: 1 Peavy Boss Cabinet, 1 Peavy 24 Channel Mixing Board, 1 Aurel Fixiter, 1 Peavy MB 400 Power Amp, Speakers, Rock Mount Case, Cables & Accessories and Double Tape Deck, many boxes of music and a metronome, Xylotote Tube Holder, Totally Tubular –Vol  1-Book/ CD, Stomp Ultimate Collection 3 DVD Limited Edition Set, The Ultimate Music Assessment & Evaluation Kit –Teacher’s Handbook, Whacked On Classics – Book/CD, Take Note! – Teaching Guide/Manipulatives, Tootin’ For 2 Kit w/CD, Sweet Pipes – Recorder Fingering Flash Cards, Rockin’Adventure in The U.S.A. –Kit w/CD, Take One! – Kit w/CD, Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter And The Wolf-Book/CD, Sesame Street – What’s The Name Of That Song? DVD, Recorder Fingering Posters, Recorder Bingo – Game, Rockin’ Recorders In The U.S.A. –Kit w/CD, Shenandoah – Kit w/CD, Rap Of The States – Kit w/CD, I’ll Be There – Michael Jackson Voice Trax CD, I’m So Glad To Be Here! Kit w/CD, Highest Honors – Pack of 25 Recorder Award Certificates, Boomwhackers Games – CD,Burgundy Compact Disc Binder 40, All Six DVDs & Teacher’s Guide – The Composers’ Specials, Recorder Karate – Kit w/CD, Rap Of The Presidents – Kit w/CD, Essential Nine Sampler Pack – 1 of Each Main Belt Color (9 Belts), Essential Economy 25 Pack – 25 of Each Main Belt Color (225 Belts Total), Regal Purple Pack (25 Belts), Dragon Blue Pack (25 Belts), Emerald Green Pack (25 Belts, Royal Red Pack (25 Belts), Sunset Orange Pack (25 Belts), White Pack (25 Belts), 50 Reward Belt Holders,  Skit-Scat Raggedy Cat – Ella Fitzgerald – Book, We Love Ella! DVD, Wunderkind Little Amadeus Mozart – Season 1 – 4 DVD Set, Whacked On Classics II – Book/CD, Staff & Symbol Games – Book, We Love To Move! – Book/CD,  Opera Cat – Book, Sesame Street – What’s The Name Of That Song? – DVD, Peter And The Wolf – Animated – DVD, Recorder Wall Chart, 48 Eggz – Assorted Colors, 3 Sets of Boomwhackers, 12 Pairs of Brass Finger Cymbals and 2 sets of 27” Square Colorful Scarves – 12 Pack.


  • Girls Prep Middle School, Bronx, NY – August 2015
  • West Elementary School, Long Beach, NY - July 2013
  • Long Beach High School, Long Beach, NY - June 2013
  • KIPP Believe College Prep, New Orleans, LA - June 2013
  • West Elementary School, Long Beach, NY - March & April 2013
  • Lee High School - December, Baton Rouge, LA - 2012
  • KIPP Believe College Prep, New Orleans, LA - 2012
  • Crocker Arts & Technology, New Orleans, LA - 2011
  • Gretna Middle School, New Orleans, LA - 2011
  • Urban Assembly High School of Performing Arts, New York, NY - November 2011
  • Hancock Middle School, Kiln, MS - March 2011
  • KIPP Believe College Prep, New Orleans, LA - April 2009
  • Urban Assembly High School of Performing Arts, New York, NY - 2009
  • Park East Elementary School, New York, NY - 2009
  • New Orleans String Project, New Orleans, LA - 2009
  • Woodmere Elementary School, Harvey, LA - 2008
To see the entire list of instruments donated to each of the above schools, please CLICK HERE

To date, I have collected over 250 working musical instruments and donated them to children in need.


PLEASE DONATE. To donate, please email David.Jaffin@gmail.com Thank you..


The music is being performed by the KIPP Believe Symphonic Band at the donation ceremony in New Orleans on 4/30/09
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If you would like to give a special gift to someone for a holiday or birthday, you can donate in someone’s name and we will send them a card acknowledging this.

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